The Vineyards

As we have mentioned, the terrain is very uneven, and there is a lot of low woodland vegetation in the many areas where vines cannot easily be grown.

In total there are over 600 hectares of vineyards, with an average age of more than 25 years old. Many of our vines are planted on low hillside slopes, which are so characteristic of this low mountain area of Navarra. The vines are not irrigated, yields are low, but the quality of the grapes is very high, resulting in intensely flavoured and complex wines which faithfully reflect the nature of the terroir.


Some 35% of the vineyard plots are planted in free standing “goblet” formation, which requires more intensive manual care, particularly at harvest time, whereas 65% of the vines are led along wires in the espalier system, which allows for greater use of machinery when tending the vines.