San Marín de Unx

A birthplace of good wines, San Martín de Unx (population of 436) is an agricultural village 45 kilometres from Pamplona, with medieval alleyways dotted with stately buildings. It still preserves remnants of the old town walls, as well as traces of an old Roman road.

Overlooking the village, and offering wonderful views of the surrounding countryside is the church of San Martín de Tours, one of Navarra’s most delightful Romanic churches.

The proto-Gothic chapel of San Miguel and the fourteenth century Gothic church of Our Lady of Pópolo are also well worth visiting while strolling through these streets that are steeped in history, pausing from time to time to enjoy a fine wine or two. The village is surrounded by groves of holm oak, dwarf evergreen oak, and juniper bushes in the higher zones, while elm trees and poplars line the gullies and paths around.

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Ruta del vino

 Ruta del Vino