The Past

Our winery, in the village of San Martín de Unx, in the eastern part of central Navarra, was originally founded in 1914.

Grape growing and wine making in this area date back to the Middle Ages, and there are many historical references to the quality of the wines from the Kingdom of Navarra.

There are even references to wineries dug out along the river Ebro and to men growing grapes here in Roman times. Near what was once the capital of Navarra, the town of Olite, are the vineyards of San Martín de Unx, with some of the vines reaching an age of nearly a hundred years old.



The continuous effort and professional approach of the vine-growers of San Martín de Unx, have meant that the winery has been able to successfully face all the challenges that have arisen over the years. This long process, full of sacrifice and hope at the same time, culminated in the year 2000 with the construction of a new winery that boasts the very best equipment and bottling and ageing facilities.


The Future

The winery is looking ahead to a bright future, and we believe that we will successfully adapt to new tendencies and overcome the challenges that the wine industry faces in these changing times. One thing is certain; we will always respect the particular characteristics of our own San Martin vineyards. We believe, by concentrating on our local grape varieties of Tempranillo and above all Garnacha, that our wines will faithfully reflect and bring out the intrinsic characteristics of our land.